Our second get-together!

It took place on the 22nd of October, at “Los Girasoles” (Polanco).  We gathered to vote our constitution and to elect the first committee.

We also started working on the activities for the remainder of the year, and also on the schedule for next year.

The constitution is here Constitution 2009 .

The minute from this meeting is here Minutes 22Oct2009 and is reproduced below.

The committee is as outlined in this Committee 2009-10 file and also appears below.

Minutes of the Cambridge Club Mexico Meeting. 22nd of October 2009

In attendance: Montserrat Manzano, Sachin Shivaram, Carlos Rozo, Monica Cruz, Wendy Phillips, Mauricio Carcano, Xorge Castro, and Francisco Pérez (Minutes)

1.  Constitution
The constitution was voted and approved by all members present. It will be published on the Club’s website

2. Election
The committee was voted and elected.  The positions are as follows:

Post    Officer Name
President    Francisco Pérez Martínez
Secretary    Arnulfo Valdivia (to be confirmed)
Treasurer    Carlos A. Rozo
External Officer    Montserrat Manzano
Activities Officer    Mónica Cruz Zorrilla
Academic Officer    Francisco Flores (to be confirmed
Cultural Officer    Wendy Phillips
Communications and Media Officer    Xorge Castro
International Officer    Jose Bernardo Rosas
Immediate Past President    NA

Francisco Perez will contact Francisco Flores and Arnulfo Valdivia to confirm their post.

3. Other matters

Francisco Perez will give all the information to Xorge regarding the website, the mailing list, the Facebook group and the list of members (in paper) to compile a database and create the members directory.

Montserrat will do some research into how to register the group (possibly an “AC”). She will also look into the information for our bank account.  Francisco will ask Santiago Corcuera if he can help us with these matters.

Francisco Perez will see with Jose Bernardo in how to get the list of alumni from the different bodies of the University (the BGS and the Alumni Office).  Francisco Perez will also see into getting the list of alumni from CONACYT, the British Council and FUNED.

All will think of upcoming events so that we can build an activities schedule for the next year. For this year we will have a formal dinner (Mónica) and a cultural/academic event (Wendy/Francisco Flores).

We will also start looking for venues for the different events (i.e., UNAM for the Darwin Event that Francisco Perez is overseeing to celebrate Darwin’s Year later at the end of 2009 with the participation of Dr. Jesus Hernandez from the Veterinary Dept.). Carlos has the place where we held our first event (Casa de la Primera Imprenta).

Finally we will also compile a list of the people (personalities) that we want to include in the activities (Carlos Fuentes, Monsivais, etc.).

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